Thursday, November 25, 2010

Introducing Pumba

Still remember the first time he climbed those 40 odd steps to reach our second floor door and then started the nam karan ceremony. Jhonny, Tiger, Pappu …falana falana.
But smart bug struck my daughter and she loudly called out “Pumba”……the character that stays on for any Lion king fan.
The vet says “hey he is a local breed and will be rough and tough”….
Oh my rough and tough dog ….whenever I see him he is always on either with the bean bag or the sofa ……Pumba…Lived up to his name which interprets in Manipuri as “lazy” ….
He is here to stay on as our best friend though…..


  1. Pumba basking in the luxury of the Roy household. Would love to swap places with him :D

  2. but not his beanbag and the sofa ..says Pumba